Art therapy is defined as free self-expression through painting, dancing, writing, or other art forms. The essence of art is indeed brought out as it proves to be cathartic in times of stress, anxiety or depression. The catharsis of expression, the channeling of energy through an art form, is a therapeutic exercise.

Your art can make you realize things that you didn’t even know were going on in your mind. Nevertheless, as every stigma concerning mental health goes, this outlet is often an ignored source of healing.

Art therapy helps in letting out pent-up emotions and gives a unique and individualistic identity to the psyche and its imagination. It isn’t just effective but also provides a form to the subconscious mind and various underlying factors. It can be a friend; the force within you that pushes you to understand what you feel provides direction to your thoughts. Art therapy does not come under just a hobby. It soothes you in a subtle and eventual way. You find an explanation when you propel your psyche’s desires and other unexplainable emotions towards a particular activity that compels you to have a creative pattern. You find answers, clarity and a release from everything you were running from.

Art therapy isn’t just poetic; it isn’t just about art. It’s therapy, but in a way, you use it for your healing; in a way, you find yourself again.