We focus on providing you with a platform while you focus being creative

WhizOfVizag is a pandemic baby born out of the need and want of an art and talent stage in Visakhapatnam. So, we took matters into our hands and got to work building a network of 400+ artists and small businesses from the city of destiny, Vizag.

We want to support Vizag's creative community, which made us establish many events where visual artists, photographers, videographers, painters, designers and hobbyists came together to make art and exhibit their talents.

We have used this time to build a platform for local talent to showcase their art in creative ways. We are going out of our way to make this platform more relevant than ever by curating events through collaborations with talented artists and organizing workshops by experts


Let's Meet The Team

Bhavya Bang


Ayesha Ameen


Ramani Alekhya D


Our Journey 


A gathering of everyone with the love of art in one place, together! Poets, singers, dancers, stand up comedians, bands, and small businesses graced Varun Novotel with their art!


Are you even an artist community if you don't host Open Mics? Thankfully, we've hosted five open mics with over 500 people joining us.


Specially creating spaces for our photographers to have fun working together, exchanging gear, trying out each other's cameras and making models out of strangers in public, our photowalks are fun for the ones who love their camera and the ones who love to be in front of it.


Knowledge is increased when you share it and there's no better teacher than your friend who teaches you the syllabus before the night of the exam. Our workshops are something like that, community members teaching what they're best at to other community members who are eager to learn or just try something new!

# WOVForChange

The art of giving is an art indeed, and we didn't leave it behind in our journey. We've organized Blood Donation Drives, Food and Clothing  Donation Drives fuelled by the holiday season to spread joy and actively help communities like Nestam to find a platform to spread awareness about the LGBT+ community.